Martin Street Baptist Church
1001 E. Martin Street
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

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Christian Education Ministry

Sister Rhonda Currie

Sunday School Superintendent

Sister Rhonda Currie

New Member Orientation Ministry

Deacon Carolyn Rogers

Men’s Ministry (Laymen’s League)

Deacon Xavier Morris

Women’s Ministry (Ladies Auxiliary)

Deacon Adrienne Silvey

Director of Music

Rev. Ronzell Bell

Senior Ministry

Sisters:  Rhonda Bennett  & Hazel Logan

Deacon’s Auxiliary

Sister Omeba Walker

Music Ministry

Deacon David Brown, Jr.

Evangelism Ministry

Rev. Minnie McCoy

Benevolence Ministry

Brother W. L. Rose

Couples Ministry

Deacon Xavier Morris & Sister Greta Morris

Church Groups Ministry

Deacon Aaron Springs, Jr. & Sister Sharon Springs

Youth Ministry

Sister Mary Little & Brother Benny McKoy, Jr

Children’s Church

Sister Valerie Carr

Liturgical Dance Ministry

Sister Juanita Taylor

Ushers Ministry

Sister Peggy Goodson

Outreach Ministry

Bereavement Ministry

Sisters: Myra Smith & Paulette Mack

Hospitality Ministry

Sister Mary Goode

Health and Wellness Ministry

Sister:  Connie Kelly-Sidberry

Newsletter Ministry–The Tie

Deacon David Brown, Jr

Missionary Ministry (Adult Missionary Circle)

Sister Catheleen Thomas

Telecommunications Ministry

Brother Anthony Farrell

Youth Leadership Development Academy

Deacon George Currie

Media Ministry

Sister Valgean Mitchell

Floral and Beatification Ministry

Deacon Carolyn Rogers

Clothes Closet Ministry

Deacon Carolyn Rogers & Sister Geraldine Holt

Mobile Market (Blessing in Bags)

Sisters:  Rhonda Currie & Carolyn Fox

Habitat for Humanity Ministry

Sister Cynthia Middleton

Martin Street CDC (501-C3)

Deacon Preston McClain III

Transportation Ministry

Brother Butch Jackson

Foster Care Ministry

Sister Joyce Hinton

Prison Re-Entry Ministry - Haven of Hope

Sister Paulette Mack

Social Networking Ministry

Deacon Adrienne Silvey & Brother Marc Rose

Urban Ministries Food Collection

Deacon Aaron Springs, Jr.

Financial Ministry

Deacon Andrew Battle

Doris C. Alston

Faye T. Dunbar

Alfred C. Perry

Arthur Thomas

Andrew Battle

Charles A. Haywood

Carolyn Rogers

Vester W. Walker

Lawrence Bradley

Madeline Keith

Alber L. Scott

James P. West

David Brown, Jr.

Donald Liles

Adrienne Silvey

Roosevelt Wiggins

Clinton R. Downing

Preston McClain III

Janice Sinclair

Aaron Springs, Jr

Xavier Morris

Horace Smith

George E. Currie, Chair

Bennie L Baker, Vice Chair

Manuel Marbet, Secretary

Associate Ministers

Dr. Joseph Rogers

Rev. Richard Hicks, Jr

Rev. Shelia Springs

Dr. Michael Little

Rev. Minnie McCoy

Minister Billy Stewart

Minister Clementine Trotter

Minister Annette Sanders

Minister Steppi Williams-Rogers

Dr. Peter Johnson

Rev. Ronzel L. Bell

Walter Attmore

Lavel Dunston

Thomas Jones

Marc Rose

Rhonda Bennett

Genevieve Farmer

Nelma Knight

Kevin Sargent

Alfonza Carter

Wanda Farrell

Eugene Logan

Willie Sinclair

Melvin Clayton

Lonnie Grant

Lomnyaki Loiboku

Donald Taylor

Gregory Covington

Wanzo Hendrix

Benny McKoy

Larry Wimms

Jimmy Davis

Larry Jones

Valgean Mitchell

Paulette Mack, Chair

Butch Jackson, Vice Chair

Myra Smith, Secretary

Martin Street Baptist Church
1001 E. Martin Street
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601
Phone - 919.833.9756 / Fax - 919.833.1947.

©Copyright Martin Street Baptist Church 2015. All rights reserved.

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